Do you have trouble managing your money?

Resisting sales and unnecessary purchases?

Living within your budget? Saving Money?

Then you came to the right place!

Overspending is a huge problem impacting millions of lives.
Our society is very consumer-driven and we are all barraged with
advertising and temptation. You need to take control of your
finances, especially in the current stressful and stagnant economy.


Often the overspending problem is
a symptom or consequence of
addictive or compulsive behavior.

If you’ve already tried to handle
the problem on your own and
failed or if you feel you need the
support of a group of people with
similar flaws, there are several
organizations available to help you:

Here’s a terrific new book
by Dr. Ben A. Carlsen, MBA
that will help you determine if you have
the problem, and support and encourage
you in your efforts to change.Ben A. Carlsen

Spenders Anonymous
Helps people with spending
control issues

Alcoholics Anonymous
well-established, original 12 step
approach to addiction

Debtors Anonymous
for people with unmanageable or
excessively high debt loads

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